Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi


The Yungang Grottoes were built against the mountain and extend about 1 kilometer from east to west.

Crafty girls, beautiful handwork


Embroiderers make coarse cloth in Guxian county, Shanxi province.

Across America: Brick carving from Jin Dynasty shown in New York


The traditional folk art of brick carving from China's Jin Dynasty (1115-1234) is being shown for the first time in New York through June 17.

Xiajiang Village Art Troupe to perform at German Choir Festival


Xiajiang village, located in urban Jincheng of Shanxi province, will travel to Frankfurt, Germany in early June to participate in the German Choir Festival.

Yungang Grottoes on South Korean fabric


The Yungang Grottoes are known around the world as a cultural heritage site and have now been celebrated introduced on a South Korean collage.

Where future meets past


The futuristic public culture facilities rising out of the countryside surrounding Shanxi province's capital Taiyuan should give a nod to the past - namely, the culture center of nearby Jinzhong city, which has served local communities for nearly 10 years.

A day at the museum is 5,000 years on Earth


Han Jingwei says she goes to heaven every day - that is, when she clocks in at work.

Polished lacquerware


Pingyao lacquerware is a famous Shanxi art form that is elegant and shiny in its primitive simplicity. It has fine resplendent patterns that are smooth to the touch and are heat resistant and moisture-proof, durable, and reputed for their quality.