Noodle capital of the world


I was born in Taiyuan, capital city of Shanxi province. It has a 2,500-year history and used to be called "the city of dragons".

Yungang Grottoes in urgent need of attention


The Yungang Grottoes, one of China's three largest cave complexes, is facing a life or death situation, with humans as the judges deciding its fate.Fears grow for relics

Fiery art of traditional healing


When Sun Bicai's sons wheeled him into Dr Bai Yulan's clinic one recent morning, he could barely move. The 75-year-old farmer from Shanxi province had been operated on for a malignant gastrointestinal tumor. He was bloated and had not moved his bowels for 10 days.

Datong Food & Restaurants


Datong dishes are featured in using a lot soy sauce, which is typical in the northern Shanxi province. Although Datong dishes do not belong to any regional cuisine, they provide excellent and exceptional taste with the advantages of every regional cuisine.

Art beat: Art


The John Moores Painting Prize China Exhibition 2012 features the winning and short-listed works of artists around the country.

Datong Entertainment


As a busy city, Datong has developed its charming nightlife and entertainment. Though some locals say that the nightlife in Datong is so common, every people could find what they expect.

Premier's mansion


With the mixed architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasties, Huangcheng Premier's Mansion has a unique appearance with elements from ancient dwellings, official mansions, ancestral temples, academies, and fortifications. Exquisite brick carvings, wood carvings, stone carvings, huge quantities of distinguished tablets and articles dedicated by emperors are used for decoration.

Singing it loud


More than 170 ancient Chinese bells unearthed from Shanxi, Hubei and Henan provinces are displayed in Beijing's Big Bell Temple in celebration of the 60th anniversary of New China's founding. Some of these bells are more than 2,000 years old.