Traditional handicrafts regain popularity


A woman works on a clay sculpture modeled on an antique in Leyi village, Xinjiang county, North China's Shanxi province, Aug 17, 2010. More than 1,800 kinds of handicrafts including brick sculptures, bronze ware, embroidery and paper-cuttings regained popularity in the county after the local government offered policies to encourage companies and farmers to preserve the traditional treasures by making a profit from them.

Huangcheng Premier's Mansion


Located in Huangcheng Village, Yangcheng county, Jincheng in the southeast of Shanxi province, Huangcheng Premier's Mansion is the former residence of Emperor Kangxi's teacher and once premier Chen Tingjing.

Shanxi Businessmen Museum


Business is a significant part of daily life. The Chinese conducted business for thousands of years and prospered during the Ming and Qing dynasty.

Experiencing cultural and historical sites in Shanxi


Northwest China's Shanxi Province claims possession of rich cultural and historical heritage, having more than 70% of all ancient architecture in China built before the Liao and Song Dynasties.

Shanhua Temple murals presented in Beijing


Young artists are working on mural paintings, which are presented in the exhibition Renaissance: Restoration of the Murals of Shanhua Temple, Datong China, at the museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

A glimpse into Datong classical architecture


A large group of Taiyuan photographers paid a two-day visit to Datong, Shanxi province May 26 - 27 to get some shots of the city's classical buildings.

Former Shanxi teacher wins big in Italy


Actress Zhao Tao won this year's David di Donatello award for Best Actress for her part in an Italian film called Li.

Oodles of noodles


China, and especially Shanxi province, is a place where noodles aren't just a culinary staple - they're a cultural institution.