Dianshan Lake gets Your Name-style makeover


Updated: 2016-12-06

The picturesque lakeside views of Dianshan Lake, the small town southeast of Kunshan city, have been the subject of thousands of landscape paintings down the years.

But the town's tourist office created a very different kind of tribute to Dianshan Lake this week when it released a series of images of the town in the style of the Japanese anime movie Your Name, which is breaking box office records in China right now.

Take a look at some of these stunning images below:

Dianshan Lake

Dianshan Lake gets <EM>Your Name</EM>-style makeover

The road along Dianshan Lake boasts splendid lakeside views. [Photo from WeChat account dianshanlake]

Dianshan Lake gets <EM>Your Name</EM>-style makeover

Just soak in the fresh air and beauty of Dianshan Lake. [Photo from WeChat account dianshanlake]

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