'Queen of violin' to perform in Kunshan


Updated: 2016-11-03

'Queen of violin' to perform in Kunshan

The world-renowned violinist Chung Kyung-wha will perform at the Kunshan Poly Grand Theater on Nov 6. [Photo from WeChat account kspoly]

Good news for music lovers in Kunshan—Chung Kyung-wha, the world-renowned Korean violinist, will be performing at the Kunshan Poly Grand Theater on Nov 6.

Chung shot to worldwide fame after releasing her debut work Decca, a recording of Tchaikovsky and Sibelius concertos, in 1970, and in the following years she became known as the "queen of violin" of modern times.

But her career came to a sudden halt with a finger injury in 2005, and it looked like Chung would never be seen on stage again.

Upon Juilliard School's invitation, she joined her alma mater as faculty member in 2007, using her ample stage experience to nurture many young musicians.

The passion and vitality of her students inspired Chung in return. "I got more than I lost," the instrumentalist once said.

Though happy at Juillard, Chung never gave up hope of making a comeback as a performer one day. Though her hands were still injured, she rehearsed every day—in her mind!

Where there is a will, there is a way. Chung returned to her beloved stage in 2010 and has since played in a series of concerts and recitals.

Besides performing new works, Chung is doing something she has never done before by taking up the viola.

"My heart still burns for music, and I'm always on a road towards maturity," the musician said.

If you would like to have your finger on the pulse, you can see Chung Kyung-wha perform at the Kunshan Poly Grand Theater (1850 West Qianjin Road, Yushan town) at 7:30 pm on Nov 6. Tickets can be booked by calling 0512-5513-5111.


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