Enjoy the autumn harvest in Kunshan


Updated: 2016-09-19

You've tried moon cakes and admired the full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival, now, as the late autumn approaches, why not embrace the rich harvest?

Enjoy the autumn harvest in Kunshan

Jinxi Fishing Festival

Do you want to enjoy an "all-fish feast" with various delicious dishes made from freshwater fish? Do you want to watch a live fishing show? Do you want to take some freshly-caught fish home? Then come to the Jinxi Fishing Festival!

You can also walk along the old streets, sample other local delicacies, and enjoy weaving with bamboo and straw.

Location: Hubin Park, Jinxi town

Date: September 2016

Enjoy the autumn harvest in Kunshan

Bacheng Hairy Crab Cultural Festival

Autumn is the best season to eat hairy crabs, and people are rushing to Bacheng to satisfy their appetites. People attending the festival can also go to a memorial for Bajie, the first person in history to eat hairy crabs.

Location: Bajie Garden, Bacheng town

Date: September 2016

Tel: 0512-5765-6058

Enjoy the autumn harvest in Kunshan

Dianshan Lake Town Rice Festival

Do you want to take a selfie in a golden rice field, or have a try at cutting the rice plants? Well you can, at the Dianshan Lake Town Rice Festival. A variety of interesting activities are also available including watching country-style singing, dancing, learning how to use ancient farm tools, and running through rice paddies.

Location: Nonggeng Plaza, Dianshan Lake Town

Date: October 2016

Tel: 0512-5748-1666

Enjoy the autumn harvest in Kunshan

Tianfu Bird-watching Festival

Bird-watching is growing in popularity around China, and with some of the best bird-watching in the country, Kunshan has become a hot spot for watching migratory birds on their annual autumn passage. The region's beautiful and diverse landscape provides a perfect place for these feathered creatures to stop, making it an ideal place to come and see what you can spot.

Location: Tianfu Ecological Garden, Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, Kunshan city

Date: November 2016

Tel: 0512-5760-9887



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