"Running Baby" brightens summer holidays in Zhouzhuang


Updated: 2016-08-09

The quirky brainchild of the Zhouzhuang Tourism Bureau, "Running Baby", an outdoor family extravaganza, has returned to the town of Zhouzhuang this August with entertaining games ready to be played and golden memories soon to be made.

For families trapped in the hustle and bustle of urban life there is no better escape than Zhouzhuang. During summer months the local countryside is awash with wildflowers and the narrow streets and quaint courtyards of this charming town make it a perfect getaway to enjoy the wonderful simplicity of life.

One favorite "Running Baby" activity is an orienteering challenge that leads participants on various missions through the ancient town. It's certainly a fun way to get some exercise and soak in local culture at the same time.

Inspired by the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics, "Running Baby" has added a range of games, including competitive hoop rolling and balloon blowing, which are certain to pique the interests of children and grown-ups alike.

"Running Baby" creates fun for the whole family and brings parents and children closer together in the beautiful water town of Zhouzhuang. Loosely modeled on the immensely popular television program "Running Man", tickets for the series of activities and can be purchased on Tmall.com. The ticket price for one child and one adult is RMB 258 ($39) and RMB 358 for one child and two adults.

Families test their coordination during a "Running Baby" activity. [Photo/Zhouzhuang.net]

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