Updated: 2016-01-08

Winter is the harvest season for strawberries. Many farms in Kunshan grow strawberries.

Jingu Farm The strawberries in the Jingu farm feature sweet taste, bright red color and big size.

Location: No 1, West Huanzhen Road, Qiandeng town, Kunshan

Zhangpu Modern Efficient Agriculture Research Center The center highlights strawberry-picking at night. Visitors can wear headlamps to enjoy the fun of picking.

Bright red strawberries are all over the ground in the green house in the Modern Efficient Agriculture Research Center. The delicate fragrance and refreshing taste are both attractive.

Location: Shengtao Road, Zhangpu town, Kunshan

Xingqijiu Farm The strawberries in Xingqijiu Farm are free from pesticides.

Location: No 2401, West Yingbin Road, Bacheng town, Kunshan

Fruit Garden Qiandeng's fruit garden now enjoys a good harvest season for strawberries, which look like red agates.

Location: No 9, Jinfeng Road, Qiandengt town, Kunshan


People around Kunshan greet New Year of 2016

Hundreds of tourists put lanterns onto the river of Zhouzhuang to greet the New Year of 2016 on Thursday.

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