Travel guide in Kunshan Tourism Resort


Updated: 2015-09-30

Travel guide in Kunshan Tourism Resort



From Shanghai:

Route 1: downtown Shanghai –Yan'an Elevated Road– A9 Highway –Zhongchun Road –national road G318–Shangta town, Qingpu district –Zhouzhuang (70 kilometers)

Route 2: Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway–Kunshan Exit –Kunshan-Zhouzhuang Highway–Jinxi–Zhouzhuang (1 hour)

Route 3: A9 Highway–Jinze Exit –national road G318–Jinze-Shangta Highway–Shangta town –Shangta-Zhouzhuang Highway–Zhouzhuang

From Nanjing:

Route 1: Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway–Kunshan Exit –Kunshan-Zhouzhuang Highway–Zhouzhuang

Route 2: national road G15W –Wujiang/Zhouzhuang Exit – the forest park –Zhouzhuang

From Hangzhou:

Route 1: Huzhou city –national road G318–Pingwang town, Wujiang district –Shangta town –Zhouzhuang

Route 2: Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway–Pingwang Exit –national road G318–Shangta town –Zhouzhuang

Route 3: downtown Hangzhou –Desheng Expressway –national roadG60–national roadG15W–Wujiang/Zhouzhuang Exit– the forest park –Zhouzhuang

From Suzhou:

Route 1: downtown Suzhou –Dushuhu Avenue –Xingtang Street –Dongfang Avenue – Suzhou-Tongli-LiliHighway–Zhoutong Road –Zhouzhuang

Route 2:Youxin Road – Suzhou-Zhenze-TaoyuanHighway–national roadG15W–Jiangling West Road –Panglong Road –Zhoutong Road –Zhouzhuang


From Suzhou

1. Suzhou North Couch Station

The buses runat 40-minute intervals from 7:00 every day.

Ticket: 16 yuan ($2.52)

Time: 1 hour

2. Suzhou South Couch Station

The buses run from 7:50 to 17:20.

Ticket: 12.5 yuan

Time: 1 hour

From Kunshan:

1. Kunshan South High-speed Rail Station

Bus No 133

Ticket: 6 yuan

Time: 45 min

2. Kunshan Couch Station

Bus No 130

Ticket: 6 yuan

Time: 80 min

From Shanghai

Shuttle buses available from all passenger stations in Shanghai to Zhouzhuang

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