Let's admire beauty of lotus flowers in Kunshan


Updated: 2015-07-07

Let's admire beauty of lotus flowers in Kunshan

Lotus flowers in Kunshan [Photo from Kunshan Daily]

Lotuses, in bud or in bloom, are attractive in summer, with verdant leaves. Where can we appreciate the lotus in Kunshan?

Lianchi Temple in Jinxi

Delicate fragrance welcomes your arrival at Jinxi town. Here, you can ramble along the lake bank to enjoy the ancient Lotus Bridge and lotus flowers and visit the millennium Lianchi Temple, which will please both your eyes and the mind.

Address: near the entrance to Jinxi town, beside the Lianchi Temple

Datang Ecological Garden

Datang Ecological Garden in Qiandeng town features fruit, vegetables and aquatic products.

It’s impressive to walk on the roads, surrounded by willows and accompanied by lotus ponds during summer.

Address: west of the intersection of the Qiandian Road and Nanpu East Road

Yangcheng Lake in Bacheng

Cool winds will accompany you in addition to lotus flowers in Yangchang Lake in summer.

You can take a boat with your friends to enjoy a cool and relaxed summer.

Address: Maanshan West Road

Let's admire beauty of lotus flowers in Kunshan

Lotus-shaped food [Photo from Kunshan Daily]

Xingqijiu Farm in Bacheng

The stunning Xingqijiu Farm has an area of 466,667 square meters with more than 1,000 kinds of flowers, fruits and animals.

The farm is pervaded with the faint scent of lotus. White and pink flowers against green leaves in the wide lake are picturesque.

Address: Yingbin West Road, Bacheng town

Taishi Lake in Zhouzhuang

On the mid-lake island, surrounded by lotuses, are teahouses and restaurants. Tasting tea and fish and breathing lotus’s faint scent are pleasant.

Address: opposite to the parking lot’s west gate

Tinglin Garden

Tinglin Garden, located in the northwest of Kunshan, boasts green hills and clean water, which cast beautiful reflections.

Address: No 1, Maanshan Road

Urban ecological forest park

As the largest urban forest park in Eastern China, the park is abundant in vegetation. The winding sightseeing paths go near the water and through hills.

Address: No 888, Maanshan West Road


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The Middle Ring Expressway (MRE) had all its entrances, exits and ramps opened to traffic at 10:30am, last Thursday, ushering in the trial operation of the long-anticipated road.

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