Kunshan's local products enjoy booming online sales on Singles' Day


Updated: 2014-11-17

Kunshan-based enterprises in Jiangsu province launched various sales promotions and posted record sales from the Nov 11 "Singles' Day" 24-hour online shopping blowout. Kunshan also ranked first in the list of "Top 10 County-Level Spenders".

Goodbaby International Holdings, China's biggest baby-goods supplier in Kunshan, carried out promotions on its official online store, Tmall, JD.com and Suning.com, receiving more than 150,000 orders within 10 hours with transaction volume topping 55 million yuan ($8.95 million), according to Zhang Nan, manager of the group's e-commerce department. Since June, the company has made investigations among consumers and upgraded its logistics system to gear up for the shopping gala on Nov 11.

Kunshan-based AB Group, a famous underwear designer and producer in China, also witnessed a sales surge with trade volume exceeding 4 million yuan ($650,704) as of 3:00 pm on that day, among which 60 percent came from PCs and 40 percent from mobile phones.

AB also started its preparation work long ahead of time, including training 70 logistics staff, making over 20,000 packing cartons, and adding 10 more deliverymen.

In addition, Kunshan's most famous product, Yangcheng Lake crabs, saw a new online sales record during the Singles' Day shopping spree. Xie Matou, a crab seller, set a record high with 200,000 yuan ($32,643) in sales volume, up 150 percent from last year. Gong Shi Crab, another crab retailer, took part in the shopping festival for the first time. The company got off to a roaring start with 500 orders reaching a total sales volume of over 100,000 yuan ($16,321) by the end of 3 pm that day.

Singles' Day (Nov 11), also known as "Double Eleven Festival", has become the most popular annual consumer event in the country, with its initiator Alibaba Group planning to use the day as a catalyst to revolutionize the retail industry with large amounts of discounted products.


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