Travel guide for National Day holiday in Kunshan


Updated: 2014-09-30

To celebrate the upcoming National Day holiday, Kunshan in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, will offer a series of activities to bring visitors both physical and mental relaxation.


Zhouzhuang, a water town in Kunshan, features ancient bridges, waterways, and folk customs such as dalianxiang (a folk dance with singing) and danghuchuan (a dance that imitates rowing a boat). During the seven-day holiday, visitors can have a cup of tea and enjoy Kunqu opera, pingtan (a storytelling and ballad singing style in Suzhou dialect) and guzheng performances (a traditional Chinese stringed instrument).

In addition, Four Seasons in Zhouzhuang, China's first large-scale water town performance featuring original Jiangnan culture, will be staged during the holiday.

Time: Oct 1 to 7

Hotline: 0512-57217217


Visitors can make paper cranes here to express best wishes for families and friends.

Time: Oct 1 to 7, 9:00 am - 5:00pm

The town will also hold a temple fair with prayers for blessings, folk dances, handicrafts and traditional food.

Time: Oct 1 to 3

Venue: Wenchang Square and Lianchi Temple

In addition, a flower boat festival will take place from Oct 1 to 5 in Jinxi to transform the town into a sea of flowers.

Hotline: 4006212855


In addition to Kunqu opera, visitors will be treated to a discounted plants sale in Sanwei Garden, which is a provincial flower market, as well as barbeques and a photography contest in Jingu Farm.

Dianshan Lake

The lake will provide vegetable picking, water activities, golf, bicycle riding and lectures on how to keep healthy.

Bacheng Town

The Yangcheng Lake crab cultural festival kicked off in Bacheng town on Sept 23. The two-month festival offers various activities, including Chinese opera week, a parent-child carnival, a WeChat lucky draw, a photo show and a square dance competition.


Middle Ring Expressway starts trial operation

The Middle Ring Expressway (MRE) had all its entrances, exits and ramps opened to traffic at 10:30am, last Thursday, ushering in the trial operation of the long-anticipated road.

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