Best places to watch the World Cup in Kunshan


Updated: 2014-06-25

The FIFA World Cup is underway. Staying at home to watch World Cup games is nice, but lacks the passion and energy of a crowd. To make up for this, the following places in Kunshan may be good choices for football fans.

Galaxy Club

This is one of the most famous pubs in Kunshan that provides a World Cup atmosphere with a large screen and flags for 32 participating countries. The pub can help sports fans leave their television sets at home and join the cheering crowds.

Location: 281 Zhongshan Road

Theme Cafe

Though it might sound a little bit weird to watch the World Cup in a cafe, it's OK at Theme Cafe. A quiet place, it is famous for its unique decor and cocktails. It has extended its opening hours to meet match schedules and is well prepared to attract more customers. Fans can lie around on old-fashioned sofas, drink cocktails and enjoy the World Cup with several friends.

Location: 330 Jijie Street

Pengtou Bar

Pengtou Bar is located in Zhouzhuang, a famous water town in Kunshan. The bar features graffiti-strewn walls and old fashioned telephones, offering a chance for football fans to watch the games and appreciate the water town scenery.

Location: 5 Yinzibang River Road, Zhouzhuang

Carton King Creativity Park

Carton King is a famous chain enterprise from Taiwan with 13 theme parks and stores in Taiwan. Carton King Creativity Park in Zhouzhuang is its first store in the Chinese mainland. It highlights products made of corrugated paper, creating a world out of paper.

At night there is an outdoor barbecue and a music party to kill time before the games.

Location: 19 Quanfu Road, Zhouzhuang




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