Kunshan’s box office revenue reaches 69.4 million yuan


Updated: 2014-01-09

Kunshan’s box office revenue reached a new high of 69.4 million yuan ($11.37 million) for 2013, ranking first in county-level cities of Jiangsu province.

Box office revenue continued to grow thanks to the rapid development of cinemas. Currently, Kunshan has built 11 cinemas with 3D screens, including 64 theaters and 9,508 seats.

High-quality movies helped enhance box office revenue. The majority of Kunshan’s cinemas have cooperated with well-known domestic theater chains for the synchronous screening of blockbusters in China and abroad. Cinemas in Kunshan received 2.32 million guests and had 96,969 screenings in 2013. Box office revenue was up 67 percent compared with 2012.

However, according to industry analysis, competition among cinemas has increased due to the rapid development of cinemas. Box office revenue for the whole city rose greatly, though some cinemas saw decreased box office sales. Insiders suggested that the government should control the establishment of new cinemas and further clarify the development trend and functions of theatres in order to accelerate benign competition for the movie industry.


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