2013 World Cyber Games (WCG) world finals comes to close in Kunshan


Updated: 2013-12-04

After four days of severe competition, the 2013 World Cyber Games (WCG) world finals came to a close in the Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The competition attracted many e-sports fans, including 150,000 live audience members and 150 million online viewers. The Korea national team won the championship.

In Hall A, every pavilion was crowded with e-sports fans enjoying the competition. Guan praised this year’s world finals for its large scale, rich content and growing popularity. In the Samsung pavilion, Li introduced a new gamepad that can be connected with a smart phone to play games. It can also be connected with a television to enlarge the game screen. Guan was very interested and experienced it on the spot. Guan spoke with exhibitioners in the Korea tourism pavilion and World of Tanks pavilion. He expected the Kunshan Development Zone to cooperate with exhibitors and sponsors to display more new electronic products in the WCG Hall and to promote the exhibition.

In the new centre, Guan asked about the competition’s rebroadcast and news report. Li said that up to 300 media outlets had reported on the WCG world finals in five languages through the Internet and TV. Guan thanked the WCG committee for their trust and support of Kunshan and hoped that Kunshan will have the honor of holding the WCG world finals again in the future. All the e-sport fans were impressed with the over 2,000 wonderful matches during the world finals. In the five regulation games, China won the championship in Cross Fire and Warcraft Ⅲ.


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