2013 World Cyber Games (WCG) world finals to be held in Kunshan


Updated: 2013-11-18

As November 28 approaches, global e-sports fans are paying close again to Kunshan, where the 2013 World Cyber Games (WCG) world finals will take place. The trophy for the Warcraft Ⅲ champion was unveiled at the WCG press conference yesterday.

 Founded in 2000, the WCG, one of the most important e-sports contests worldwide, will be held in the Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Centre for the second time after a successful event in 2012. Over 500 e-sports players from more than 40 countries will participate in the fierce competitions.

 The contest will last until December 1 with nine games altogether, including title games StarCraft, WarcraftⅡand Ⅲ, FIFA13, League of Legends, Cross Fire, World of Tanks, Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, and promotional games T-Game and QQ Speed. One highlight is that Warcraft Ⅲ, with over a decade of history, will witness its final contest this year. The champion of Warcraft Ⅲ will receive a special trophy from the WCG 2013 world finals.

 Famous e-sports players Moon, Gogoing and Thooo said they have been preparing for the contest – training 10 hours every day. They are confident they will win.

In addition, people can enjoy the newest electronic video games designed by Samsung, Nvidia,Plantronics and some Chinese IT enterprises. Visitors can also experience games provided by WCG2013 developers.

Yesterday, the Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Centre began selling weekday tickets for 68 yuan ($11.16) and weekend tickets for 88 yuan.


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