Changyinsha orange plantation opens to public


Updated: 2013-11-12

Orange harvests are on display within an area of more than 666,666 square meters in Changyinsha modern agriculture demonstration zone, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province.

An autumn picking festival will be held at the plantation, according to Changyinsha tourism office.

The event allows tourists to experience the joy of picking oranges by hand. Besides picking oranges, people can also barbecue by the riverbank and visit a cultural museum.

More than 1,000 tourists have visited the plantation.

Walking through the plantation, oranges hang from the branches of the trees and the scent of orange spreads everywhere.

Visitors can be seen picking oranges under the guide of workers.

A man surnamed Zhang said the best rice, fruit and vegetable can be bought in the city, but the happiness of harvest can only be found in the countryside.


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