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Horse racing clops in Ordos      2016-08-24

The Ordos Horse-Racing Festival is hosted at Ejin Horo banner, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and attracts twelve horsemen and thirty-five thoroughbred racehorses to participate in.

Andai dance      2014-02-03

The Andai is also called the "jumping white hawk". The Andai dance originated from the collective dance of the Kulun Qi in the south of the Horqin Grassland.

Chopsticks Dance      2014-02-03

The Chopsticks Dance is popular in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. It is originally a single men's dance for marriage or festival ceremonies, usually accompanied by a stringed instrument and singing.

Mongolian folk dance      2014-02-03

The pastoral life and the work of herdsmen became the source for dance there. The male dances in Inner Mongolia are rugged, lionhearted, and full of power.There are also female dances in Inner Mongolia.

Mongolian religious dance      2014-02-03

A Tsam ceremony was held at the beginning of the year to exorcise evil.Shaman Dance is performed by shaman (sorcerers or witches) by praying to gods, sacrificing, dispelling evils and curing diseases.

Oroqen dances      2014-02-03

Oroqens dedicate their worship to the totems of black bears. All Oroqens, young and old, can carry out the "dance of the fighting bear," one of their preferred dances.

Wine-cup dance      2014-02-03

It is a kind of dance popular in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. On a festive or celebrative feast, after eating and drinking to their heart's content, people will grab wine cups from the table and start to dance to express happiness.

Daur field hockey      2013-12-18

The Daur people have always been known for their valiancy and skillfulness in battle.

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High-speed train debuts in Inner Mongolia

A bullet train departed Hohhot East Railway Station for Ulanqab marking the start of high-speed rail services using Inner Mongolia’s first newly-laid high-speed railway on Aug 3.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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