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Braised camel hoof

Camel hooves are a special kind of delicacy in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and just as famous as China's legendary bear paws.


Kumiss is a traditional beverage of herdsmen in the Inner Mongolia region and across Asia, where it is drunk in summer, when the heavy fragrance can permeate the vast prairie.


Ghee is essence kind of liquid butter, with important nutrients, and was only used in the past for honored guests or important festivals in the Inner Mongolia region.

Mongolian diet

The The Mongolians' nomadic way of life determined their diet, which traditionally consisted mainly of the meat, milk and other dairy products provided by the livestock.

Hulun Lake fish feast

The carp, crucian carp, and white fish in Hulun Lake, Inner Mongolia, are nutritious and rich in protein.

Alxa steamed buns

The Alxa bun is colorful, intriguing, soft, and convenient to carry, pleasing, and rich in nutrients

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