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IMNU hosts international fine arts exhibition


Updated: 2016-09-14

As one event of the 2016 Silk Road-International Nadam Fair, an international fine arts exhibition was held at the Shengle campus, Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU) from Sept 5 to 10.

IMNU hosts international fine arts exhibition

Leaders and professors exchange ideas during the arts exhibition held at the gallery of IMNU’s College of Fine Arts, on Sept 5. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

Leaders and professors from Taiwan Modern Arts Association, Asia Arts Exchange Organization, Konkuk University (South Korea), Inner Mongolia Arts College, IMNU and many other colleges attended the exhibition at the gallery of IMNU’s College of Fine Arts.

The six-day arts exhibition was jointly sponsored by the Asia International Arts Association and IMNU.

The display was conceived by Cui Xuedong, curator of the university’s art gallery, and hosted by Professor Wu Liji, dean of the IMNU’s College of Fine Arts.

“It’s a big festival for artists from East Asia and Inner Mongolia, who have showcased pieces of valuable artworks created by their original ideas and thoughts,” said Yun Guohong, president of the university.

IMNU hosts international fine arts exhibition

Artists from art associations and colleges listen to a guide’s introduction at the arts gallery of Inner Mongolia Normal University, on Sept 5. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

Curator Cui Xuedong said that “This international arts exhibition has gathered East Asian artists along with arts college students to think about how to create artworks in the cultural context of unification and pluralism.”

Some pieces of art showcased multi-dimensional oriental themes, such as nature, history and local culture.

Yun explained that under the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative, multiple cultural exchanges have taken place between China and East Asian countries throughout the years, and Chinese culture and arts have become well-known around the world.

IMNU hosts international fine arts exhibition

Attendants pose on stage during the opening ceremony of the international arts exhibition, at the Shengle campus of Inner Mongolia Normal University, on Sept 5. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

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