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Mongolian college ensemble gives concert at IMNU


Updated: 2016-09-12

On Sept 11, an art ensemble from Mongolian University of Arts and Culture (MUAC) presented a special concert for faculty and students at Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU).

Mongolian college ensemble gives concert at IMNU

Artists play traditional Mongolian instruments in the IMNU music hall on Sept 11. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

Zhaori Getu, vice president of IMNU, along with other department officials watched artistic performances and listened to the Mongolian-style melody in the music hall of IMNU.

As one part of the 2016 Silk Road-International Nadam Fair events, this concert aims to mix artistic exchanges with cultural communication, and let college students view exotic musical performances, such as Mongolian folk songs, opera, long tune, and khoomei (a type of throat singing).

Mongolian college ensemble gives concert at IMNU

Three Mongolian musicians sing together on the stage. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

The concert will not only highlight the arts achievements that MUAC has been dedicated to in recent years, but also present young people’s passion and enthusiasm for traditional music and arts.

On the night of Sept 12, another concert conducted by the MUAC will also be held at IMNU’s Shengle campus.

Mongolian college ensemble gives concert at IMNU

Attendants and performers pose on the stage after the concert in the music hall of IMNU on Sept 11. [Photo/imnu.edu.cn]

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