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IMNU hosts world university football invitationals


Updated: 2016-09-09

On Sept 9, the 2016 “Mongolian King Cup”-World University Football Invitational Tournament, raised its curtain at the Shengle campus of Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU), Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

IMNU hosts world university football invitationals

The opening ceremony of the 2016 “Mongolian King Cup”-World University Football Invitational Tournament starts at the Shengle campus of Inner Mongolia Normal University, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Sept 9. [Photo/chinadaily.com]

During the five-day event, young soccer players from Russia, Mongolia and many other universities across China will participate.

The universities involved include Moscow State University, University of International Business and Economics in Russia, National University of Mongolia, along with Peking University, Inner Mongolia Normal University and many others.

The 2016 Silk Road-International Nadam Fair proposed and sponsored by IMNU, also was initiated on the same day.

The Nadam Fair aims to boost the economy and culture of countries along the Silk Road, via the gathering of young people to join sports games, academic forums, arts displays and many other events.

As one event of the Silk Road-International Nadam Fair, this football competition is joinly sponsored by the Sino-Russian Friendship Committee for Peace and Development, the Football Association of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and the College Sports Union of Inner Mongolia. The event is organized by the China-Russia Education Development Foundation and IMNU.

IMNU hosts world university football invitationals

Hundreds of performers present a great show at the opening ceremony of the 2016 “Mongolian King Cup”-World University Football Invitational Tournament, held at Inner Mongolia Normal University, on Sept 9. [Photo/chinadaily.com]

“This event means a lot to Inner Mongolia, where the first football reform pilot of China has been founded, and it not only has gathered China-Russia-Mongolia college sutdents to compete in international contests, but provides a platform for the youngsters to improve their football skills and levels along with cultural exchanges,” according to Zhang Baocheng, head of the publicity department of IMNU’s Party committee.

Apart from the Mongolian King Cup football matches at IMNU, another invitational tournament will also take place between the Beijing Institute of Technology and Moscow State University in Beijing, to celebrate the Sino-Russian Friendship Exchange Year.

“We expect that education can play an important role in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and this event can inspire more college students to focus on economic, cultural and social development along the belt,” said Yun Guohong, president of IMNU.

At present, an international artwork exhibition, undertaken by IMNU and the Asia International Arts Association, has been displayed at the university’s College of Fine Arts, and all the works are created by artists from South Korea, Egypt, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

IMNU has proposed to hold the Silk Road-International Nadam Fair as a regular event, and the university plans to invite countries and colleges along the Silk Road to join in a series of activities every September.

During the next few weeks, IMNU are going to host various events at the Nadam Fair, such as the Artwork Exhibition of China-Mongolia Colleges, the Artistic Performance of World College Students, the Awards Ceremony of the World University Football Invitational, and the China-Russia-Mongolia Think Tank Forum.

IMNU hosts world university football invitationals

Soccer players from National University of Mongolia enter the arena at the opening ceremony, on Sept 9. [Photo/chinadaily.com]

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