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Inner Mongolia University Science Park upgrades to national level


Updated: 2014-10-29

The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education named 21 university science parks as national ones. Inner Mongolia University Science Park was on the list, the first of its kind in the autonomous region.

The park sits in Hongsheng Industrial Park in Hohhot city and opened in February 2013. It has a planned area of 1,000 mu (66.7 hectares) and is expected to involve an investment of 3 billion yuan ($490.74 million). The park will be home to various universities and has seven functional zones, such as incubators, business accelerators, scientific research and development, industrialization, Inner Mongolia culture innovation, and international exchange and public service zones.

Hohhot gathers many key institutes of higher learning and enjoys abundant scientific resources. It will play a big role in upgrading the traditional industry, developing the high-tech industry and using informatization to develop industrialization. The park has now built a 213-mu incubator area, and more than 30 enterprises have moved in. With the improving infrastructure, the park will become a platform for commercializing scientific achievements from universities.

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