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Anti-terrorist force maintaining stability in Inner Mongolia


Updated: 2014-09-28

The Northern border of China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region has maintained ethnic unity, social stability and regional peace over the years, but it still faces stability difficult task in maintaining safety and stability, so, its anti-terrorist force are ready to make the region a shield to protect Northern border of China.

Emergency drills

Regular training is an important part of the anti-terrorist work, so, the Chifeng public security bureau arranged two related drills, May 7-8, and got more than 1,200 police officers to take part. One drill, for example, in the Alxa Left Banner, on May 16, started with the announcement: “There’s a terrorist attack in the plaza north of the Yinchuan-Bayanhaot highway with three suspects carrying weapons. Hurry to the site and deal with it!”

The Baotou public security bureau and the Kundulun public security held a joint drill on May 24 to simulate a terrorist attack against people in swimming pool, without contingency plan to create a real-life situation. The Hinggan League Ulanhot public security force held a drill, on June 3, and, on Aug 26, the public security border area and Russian Federation border patrol held a joint drill at Manzhouli-Zabaykalsk port.

There have been frequent simulated drills such as these in Inner Mongolia this year, which require readiness to strike at any moment to deal with various situations.

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Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

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