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Ganqimaodu Port transports over 10 million tons of goods


Updated: 2013-12-31

Ganqimaodu Port transports over 10 million tons of goods

A loader handles copper concentrate at Ganqimaodu Port, Inner Mongolia on Dec 9. 

Ganqimaodu Port transports over 10 million tons of goods

A customs officer checks a truck at Ganqimaodu Port in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Dec 9.

By Dec 15, 2013, the actual import and export of goods through Ganqimaodu Port reached 10.27 million tons. The port exceeded 10 million tons in transport volume successively for the past three years. The high efficiency of the port is due to the constant effort to improve infrastructure construction and the service system by the Inner Mongolia government.

In order to meet the demand to import 10 million tons of coal, the port built 10 more passages, five for exit and five for entrance. An automobile self-help system, “Quick Pass,” was also established.

The bureau of harbor administration, customs offices, border control offices and other relevant departments have been working overtime to ensure trucks from foreign energy companies can pass through customs smoothly.

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