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Updated: 2013-12-17

Inner Mongolia Yitai is a large coal-centered energy company that covers coal-related chemical products and ranks 237th on China's Top 500 enterprise list. It is also 19th on China's Top 100 coal enterprise list and first among Inner Mongolia's top 50 coal enterprises. It had assets of 72.44 billion yuan ($11.93 billion), in 2012.

It has 47 subsidiaries so it also covers real estate development railway transport, for example, with its Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal, Inner Mongolia Yitai Zhundong Railway, and Inner Mongolia Yitai Real Estate.

Yitai has 13 coal mines and two others under construction, and a total production capacity of 50 million tons annually. Its mines have a comprehensive range of equipment, with an average recovery rate of as much as 80 percent. It produces environmentally friendly coal, whose advantages are low-ash, low-phosphorus, and low-sulphur content, and medium to high caloric value. It is a global leader in safety, with zero major accidents, since 2005, thanks to its spending on safe production and use of protection systems.

The company has the 132-kilometer Zhundong electrified railway line, 124-km Huzhun electrified railway line, 122-km Caoyang tollway, and 27-km Suanlagou electrified railway line for coal transport.

It also has transit points at the ports of Qinhuangdao, Jingtang, and Caofeidian, as well as sales offices in the cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Nanjing, for a completely integrated coal production, transport and sales network.

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