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Updated: 2013-12-17

Mengniu, which was established in 1999, grew to become China's second largest dairy producer, in 2005, in turnover, and now tops its rivals in milk and ice cream.

Its motto is "A devoted provider of healthy dairy products" and, by the end of 2008, it had revenues of 23.9 billion yuan, and an average annual increase of 104 percent, making it China's first dairy company to cross the 20-billion-yuan revenue threshold.

The market share of its major products is above 35 percent and its UHT milk sales ranks No.1 in the world, while milk, ice cream and yogurt sales are at No.1 in China. It has the largest exports of dairy products nationwide, to many countries and regions.

According to the National Statistics Bureau's "Top 500 Large Competitive Enterprises" list for 2006, Mengniu Dairy was in the No.11 slot overall and No.1 in the dairy industry. When the first issue of "Asia Brands Top 500" came out in in 2006, Mengniu Dairy was at No.3 in the dairy industry (after two Japanese companies).

In 2009, data showed Mengniu Dairy at No.241, among China's Top 500 conglomerates, and at No.19 among the Top 20 global dairy groups, and in first place, in China's dairy industry. Mengniu shares were one of the world's 50 top-quality offerings, according to Morgan Stanley.

Mengniu Dairy plays a key role in State agricultural industrialization and has more than 3,000 milk stations across the country, cooperating with more than a million dairy farmers. It has taken in more than 15 million tons of fresh milk and paid out more than 40 billion yuan to dairy farmers. The group has generated more than 100 billion yuan in value, paid more than 4 billion yuan in taxes and provided at least 300,000 jobs since it was founded.

Now, to meet the needs of modern production and top dairy products, Mengniu Dairy has improved its milk bases and, with Modern Farming, has founded 11 modern dairy farms with a 10,000–cow capacity each. The milk from Modern Farming now accounts for over 60 percent of Mengniu's milk. It expects to have more than 20 large, modern farms in the future, in areas around its key plants across the country.

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