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Road and Bridge Projects

CGGC provides the society with high-quality land transport projects covering highway, railway, bridge and tunnel, so as to make the people's life more convenient.

CGGC has rich experience in constructing all kinds of highways, railways, bridges and tunnels under various complicated geological conditions, and built a number of highways, level-1 roads, level-2 roads and level-3 roads, high-speed railways, bridges and tunnels in China and even Asia, Africa and Oceania.


The Xiangfan-Jingzhou Expressway (China)

The Xiangfan-Jingzhou Expressway is 185.4km in length, with a design driving speed of 100km/h.

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The Daguangbei Expressway (China)

CGGC invested and built this 147km expressway, of which the design driving speed is 100km/h.

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The Qixian-Linfen Expressway (China)

With a design driving speed of 80km/h, the 176km expressway was built in strict accordance with the expressway construction standard for slightly-hilly and heavily-hilly areas.

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The Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway (China)

Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway is one of the world’s most technically difficult expressway projects ever built in mountainous areas.

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The Guiyang-Bijie Expressway (China)

The 179km long expressway is a high-grade road with the largest number of bridges in the world (151 bridges).

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Xiaomengyang-Mohan Expressway (China)

As a key part of the Kunming-Bangkok International Highway, the 185km expressway is an important passageway that connects China to Southeast Asia and South Asia, and China's second tropical rainforest expressway.

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The Simao-Xiaomengyang Expressway (China)

The 97.76km Simao-Xiaomengyang Expressway is not only China's first tropical rainforest expressway, but also the first Chinese expressway to be rated as National AA Scenic Spot highway.

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The Jingwuhuang (Chang) Expressway (China)

The 116.14km expressway ranks No.1 amongst the 12 ecological demonstration highways in China and has won the Zhantianyou Prize, the top honor for Chinese civil engineering projects.

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