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CGGC provides the society with excellent hydropower-related products and services by relying on its core technologies, rich experience, advanced equipments and outstanding management team. CGGC has built over 150 large-scale hydropower projects including the Three Gorges Project, which is the world's largest hydropower project and represents the top-notch technology in the field of dam building in the world. CGGC builds hydropower projects all over the world. CGGC boasts world-leading river closure technology, large-scale hydropower unit installation technology, gate installation technology, concrete temperature control and rapid construction technology, and is capable of building various hydropower projects in the world.


The Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project (China)

CGGC constructed the largest hydropower project in the world.

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The Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project (China)

In the early 1970s CGGC constructed the then largest infrastructure project in China.

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Shuibuya Hydropower Station on the Qingjiang River (China)

The Qingjiang Shuibuya Hydropower Station built by CGGC has the world's highest concrete face rock-fill dam.

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Yele Hydropower Station (China)

Yele Hydropower Station built by CGGC has an asphalt concrete core wall rock-fill dam that stands at the highest altitude in the world among similar dams.

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Jinping Stage-I Hydropower Station (China)

The dam of Jinping Stage-I Hydropower Station undertaken by CGGC is the world’s highest double-curve thin arch dam ever built, under construction or in design

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Longtan Hydropower Station (China)

The dam of Longtan Hydropower Station undertaken by CGGC is the highest roller-compacted concrete dam in the world.

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Geheyan Hydropower Station (China)

The whole project undertaken by CGGC won the “Luban Award”, the top construction and engineering quality award in China.

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Daguangba Hydropower Station (China)

The dams consist of the concrete dam and the monozone dam, with the total length of 5,842m. The concrete dam is 719m long, with crest at EL.

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