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Equipment Manufaturing

CGGC has powerful strength in machining as well as manufacturing and fitting of steel-structure products and electric equipments.

Centering on related major business, we have made great achievements in manufacturing of EHV smoothing reactor, barge derrick, gantry crane, super gate, vertical platform for installation and adjustment of drum-type strainer as well as ships, etc.


Permanent Ship Lock in the Three Gorges Project

The CGGC has manufactured and installed all metal structures of the permanent ship lock in the Three Gorges Dam Project.

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Asphalt Tanker

China's largest-tonnage asphalt tanker

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Coal Pulverizer

Coal pulverizers of various types widely used in fields like power, construction material, metallurgy and chemical industry.

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High-Voltage Smoothing Reactor

The independently developed ±800KV smoothing reactor reaches the world advanced level.

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Seawater Filtration and Cathode Protection system for Nuclear Power Plant

The CGGC is the only one in China that is capable of undertaking the design, production and manufacturing of seawater filtration and cathode protection system for the1000MW-nuclear power plants.

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Drum Strainer Vertical Installation and Commissioning Platform

The first drum strainer vertical installation and commissioning platform in the world.

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BRM Roller Mill

Advanced and reliable new-general BRM roller mill

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Electronic Dust Collector

As one of the three enterprises capable of manufacturing duct collectors with 1000MW-and-above-units, the CGGC has independently designed and manufactured RWDKFH series of electronic dust collectors which are used in many large-scale projects.

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