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Nuclear power

CGGC has taken part in the construction of a number of key nuclear power stations that are included in the "Five-year Planning" in China, including the first nuclear power station in mainland China and China's most localized 1000MW nuclear power station, etc.


Dayawan Nuclear Power Plant (China)

The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant is the second nuclear power plant in mainland China and the first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant in China.

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Ling Ao Nuclear Power Project Phase II (China)

The Ling Ao Nuclear Power Project Phase II is a 1000MW-class nuclear power project, the first of its kind in China to adopt a Chinese technical route with the highest level of technical independence.

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Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant (China)

The Qinshan Nuclear Power Station is China’s first self-designed, self-constructed and self-operated nuclear power station.

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Tianwan Nuclear Power Station Project (China)

The Tianwan Nuclear Power Station Project is so far the largest technological and economic cooperation project between China and Russia.

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Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant (China)

The Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station is planned to install six 1000MW-class or higher nuclear power units.

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Design and Installation of 1000MW-class Pressurized Water Reactor Units at Sanmen Nuclear Power Station (China)

The Sanmen Nuclear Power Station installed six 1000MW-class nuclear power units (AP1000).

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