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Municipal Projects

CGGC has undertaken various municipal works related to water distribution and sewage treatment in China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, providing local residents with the most direct and perceptible convenience in their daily life.


Dongfengxisha Reservoir Project in Chongming Island, Shanghai (China)

As the second largest water source project, Dongfengxisha Reservoir will benefit over 700,000 residents.

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Permanent Water Plant in the Three Gorges Project (China)

With a daily water production capacity of 60,000 tons, the permanent water plant in the Three Gorges Project will, when completed, mainly provide water for production and operation, firefighting and daily use of the Three Gorges Dam, power station and the dam area.

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Waste Interception and Comprehensive Control Project on Jiancao River (China)

The project consists of waste interception, riverbed improvement, roads and bridges, clear water supplementation, waste water improvement and landscape greening, etc.

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Yingnahe Reservoir Expansion Project (China)

As a key reservoir of urban water supply for Dalian, Yingnanhe Reservoir will be expanded to become a large Type II reservoir.

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Zhangyang Aqueduct of Dongjiang-Shenzhen Water Supply Renovation Project (China)

The Dongjiang-Shenzhen water supply project is a large water diversion project to provide water for drinking and irrigation for Hong Kong, Shenzhen and towns in Dongguan along the project.

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Fenggang River Control (Artificial Lake) Project (China)

The artificial lake covers an area of about 2,006 mu, with 7,960m-long lake-encircling and connecting channels.

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Jila Dike Lengshuichong Drainage Pump Station Project (China)

With a length of 2,609m and a protection area of 4.32 km2, Jila Dike is designed to protect 88,100 people and its design criterion for flood control is 50 years.

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Subyia Distribution Project (Kuwait)

Subyia Water Distribution Project undertaken by the CGGC is the largest and most advanced water supply project in Kuwait.

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