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Officials investigate coal mine safety
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Updated: 2013-12-17

Ruzhou of Henan province carried out an inspection campaign to “look back” at production safety in the city, focusing especially on several key areas.

Wan Ying and Fan xiangli, mayor and vice-mayor the city, respectively, and Zhang Pinghuai, a member of the Party leadership group of the Ruzhou government, made an official inspection to some of the city’s coal mine enterprises on Dec 10.

The inspection team visited the charging rooms, inclined shaft entrances and production scheduling centers of three coal mine enterprises to learn about mine safety measures. They received information about production and marketing, investment in technological upgrading, records of hazard investigation and prevention, and personnel working conditions.

Wan Ying pointed out that coal mine safety is not only important to the city’s safety work, but also important to the city's safety supervision. The enterprises should prioritize safe production and avoid accidents by enhancing technological innovation and strengthening safety production management.

In addition, Wan urged the local governments to provide supporting services and to strengthen communication and coordination with enterprises. She also stressed a balance between the interests of enterprises and the public. Effort should be made to solve problems related to the process of coal mine mergers and reorganization.

Edited by Liu Yufen and Michael Thai

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