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Ruzhou strengthens food safety administration
By Liu Yufen ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2013-11-21

An unveiling ceremony of the Ruzhou food safety administration center kicked off on Nov 15. Fan Xiangli,vice-mayor of Ruzhou, together with officials from the food safety office, drug administration and health bureau, were on hand at the ceremony.

The Ruzhou food safety administration center is affiliated to the Ruzhou government office. It is in charge of safety administration and supervision of food, healthcare products and cosmetics in the city and under the administration of the Ruzhou food and drug administration.

The center will optimize Ruzhou’s food administration system and upgrade food safety supervision in the city.

Fan pointed out the severe circumstances of the food safety administration at the ceremony. He stressed administration of food safety in accordance with laws and based on service-oriented concepts.

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