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Yanglou Town doing everything it can to be ready for flood season
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Updated: 2013-07-31

Recently, the city of Ruzhou in Henan province has been raining heavily. The flood prevention situation is very severe. The party committee and government officials react quickly and take effective measures actively to do the flood control work well and ensure the safety in the flood season, combined with the actual conditions.

The party committee and government officials strengthen leadership and carry out responsibility. They set up leading group to strengthen the management of flood prevention work.

They practice the graded responsibility system, clear the responsibility of cadres and form a strong work atmosphere in the whole town, according to the operating methods that town cadres take charge of important river reaches, water reservoirs, villages and the village cadres take charge of households.

The officials strengthen the inspection and access to the flood information. They ask the villagers to carry out inspections continuously in the flood season and the members of flood control have an overall check for the water reservoirs, river walls, water channels and so on in their own districts. They arrange staff to strengthen and repair the water conservancy facilities with potential risks.

To ensure the safety and cope with the emergency timely, the key numbers of the towns and the villages taking part in flood prevention must be on their duty 24 hours a day. At the same time, the town further perfects the flood emergency plan and makes adequate preparation in advance. It makes a detailed deployment for staff, supplies, communications and vehicles and clears responsible persons of all the key areas.

It formulates flood duty table. And it requires that the watchkeepers insist 24hours on duty a day and other systems, stick to their post, perform their duties and get ready for the emergency.

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