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Recycling economy strongly promotes Ruzhou's scientific development
( www.chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2013-01-16

In Ruzhou industry cluster areas, related enterprises can make full use of chemical raw materials and intermediate products in every step of the production process. Such a recycling economy has become an engine to strongly promote Ruzhou’s scientific development.

Ruzhou has tried to elongate its industrial chain in recent years and has developed over 100 recycling industrial projects. Twelve recycling economy industrial chains have been established. Resource recycling and reuse has been achieved. In Ruzhou, raw coal from coal mines is supplied to large coking plants, electric power plants and cement plants. Coke, electric power, gas and other byproducts are used for casting steel, making pottery and producing chemical products. Plentiful slag from electric power plants is supplied to large cement enterprises as important raw materials. Gas is used in daily life. Abundant coal gangue acquired from the coal mining process is used to make new building materials.

Ruzhou Zhaochuan Coking Company has combined national industrial policies and market demand, developing economies of scale and the recycling economy. It has formed a private industrial chain including coal mining, coal washing, coking, coalification products, gas electricity generation, graphite electrode production, and power generation. The chain was referred to as “Zhaochuan mode” by State media.

Developing the recycling economy has turned Ruzhou’s resource advantage into an industrial advantage. Four superior traditional industries have been formed: energy and chemical, equipment manufacturing, food processing and metallurgy building materials. Added value created by the four industries contributed to 80 percent of total industrial added value in Ruzhou in 2012.

Further promotion of the recycling economy has pushed the rapid development of economic and social sciences. In the 11th National Basic Competitiveness Ranking of County Economies, Ruzhou ranked 140th among the country’s 2,001 counties, 15th among central counties, and sixth among Henan’s 108 cities. Ruzhou was recognized as a “Chinese Recycling Economy Excellent City” at the Chinese Recycling Economy Development Forum. Ruzhou is also a “National Innovative City”, “Low Carbon City”, “City with Investment Potential” and “Advanced City in Science and Technology”. Ruzhou has become Henan’s biggest production base for cement, corn starch, biscuits, coal and electric power. It is an important national base for high speed railway production. Ruzhou is also China’s largest, and the world’s third largest, L-tryptophan production base. It is also Asia’s first, and the world’s second, production base for train wheel and railway heavy duty high speed locomotive steel alloy parts. (Reporter: Zhang Leilong, Correspondent: Gui Yanwei, Li Jianxing)

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