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Guizhou releases census to give scope to tourism resources


Authorities in Guizhou province released the Tourism Resource Census in Xingyi.

Guizhou launches graphene solution production line


A company in Guizhou exploring the application of new carbon materials in a variety of industries opened a graphene production line.

A forum on ecology opens in Guizhou


A forum on ecology opened in Guizhou's Qiannan prefecture on Sept 21.

Guiyang Big Data Exchange to have more data than Alibaba


Guiyang Big Data Exchange has been granted access to all public data in China.

Qianxinan mountain tourism website launches for trial run


The English website for the Qianxinan Mountain tourism began trial operation.

Guizhou organizes cybersecurity awareness week


Guiyang in Southwest China's Guizhou province launched a week of activities to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues.

Guizhou beefs up tourism sector ahead of international conference


Guizhou is gearing up to promote its world class tourism resources at the International Conference of Mountain Tourism and Outdoor Sports.

Guizhou to host international mountain tourism and outdoor sports conference


The International Conference of Mountain Tourism and Outdoor Sports will take place from Sept 22-23 in the Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture.

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