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Online retailer expanding business in Guizhou


JD, China's second largest online retailer, signed agreement with Guizhou province on March 2, for expanding Internet plus development in southern China

Expectations of Guizhou delegations to the NPC


Some Guizhou provincial delegates to the National People's Congress, which is taking place in Beijing March 5-15, have shared their opinions on the meeting and their ideas on what they want for their under-developed province.

Guizhou NPC delegates say students need a warmer winter


One Guizhou provincial delegate to China's annual National People's Congress taking place in Beijing says that the province need a better heat supply for higher altitude, colder parts of the province.

Entrepreneurship and innovation depending on education


Zheng Qiang, the president of Guizhou University, who is in Beijing for the 12th National People's Congress, which opens on March 5, says that education and entrepreneurship are important issues that he pays much attention to.

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