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Online retailer expanding business in Guizhou

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2016-03-08

JD, China's second largest online retailer, signed agreement with Guizhou province on March 2, for expanding Internet plus development in southern China in logistics, trade and distribution, data services and farm villages to transform the region and improve industries.

The online giant says it will help the province with agricultural development through increased circulation of products in rural and urban areas through special online stores by working with local governments and enterprises.

It is also expected to provide better consumer products and farm materials and services for rural areas, as well as financial services as the under-developed Guizhou can become one of its logistic centers, which will in turn transform manufacturing and trade as well as public services such as medical care and entrepreneurships.

In commenting on the agreement, Liu Qiangdong, JD's founder, said they want to help southern China improve its logistics, infrastructures, rural e-commerce and poverty-relief. He concluded by saying, "We saw a 255-percent growth in sales in Guizhou last year, making it the fastest growing region."

Liu added that they're confident that they will see no less than 150-percent growth over the next 5 years and that they hope to provide drone delivery services in the province, which they are still testing.

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