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3D paintings dress up Huimin village in Guizhou


Huimin village in Xinmin town, Zunyi city of Southwest China's Guizhou province is holding its first rural cultural tourism festival, which began Saturday and ends Wednesday.

Graduates start businesses in Guizhou


For some university graduates, life tends to be dedicated to ideals such as finding a good job, a high salary and a social status.

Relaxed living in Guiyang


Local people can find a sense of belonging here due to the pleasant climate all year round and peaceful everyday living.

As doctor gains trust, her practice grows


When Zhong Jing, 35, moved to Longhe nine years ago, there was no clinic and no road. Sick villagers had to get up at 5 am and walk more than four hours to see a doctor. That's the only way they could return while the sun was still up.

Chinese couple drives through 19 countries in vintage car


Driving between their hometown in Southwest China's Guizhou province and London, a couple has left tracks in dozens of countries over the past seven years, and plans to continue their dream of driving around the world in a vintage car.

Songs for all seasons


Poems set to song bring China's ancient lunisolar calendar to life.

Letters link college students and left-behind children


In an era when people rarely write letters, a group of college students in Zhejiang province have built close links with left-behind children in a remote middle school by writing letters to each other.

'Tofu Goddess' brings joy to village


White tofu. Smelly tofu. Fried tofu. In a rural family stay in the village of Zhaibao in southwest China's Guizhou Province, many tables of dishes made with bean curd form a grand "tofu banquet."

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