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Relaxed living in Guiyang

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Updated: 2017-10-27

From soaring mountains to China's highest waterfall to unexplored jungles to unique culture, Guizhou offers visitors with a variety of things to explore. Its capital, Guiyang, is known as the "world's summer resort" due to its moderate temperature.

Guiyang is one of those places where even a one-week stay is far from enough. Some of the major attractions near the city include Qianling Mountain Park, the ancient town of Qingyan and Hongfeng Lake where the leaves on maple trees turn red during fall.

Local people can find a sense of belonging here due to the pleasant climate all year round and peaceful everyday living.

Relaxed living in Guiyang

Elderly people often do physical exercises during early mornings at Qianling Mountain Park, in downtown Guiyang. [Photo/gzdsw.com]

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