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Catch more fish for more good fortune


Ma'an village in Guizhou's Congjiang county celebrated the Fish Catching Festival on Aug 8. Hundreds of villagers gathered at rivers to enjoy the event.The festival can be dated back 450 years to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Paper cutouts honor China's Olympic idols


Every morning for two years, Deng Rongrong woke at 7 am to begin another day's work on her "heroes" - 108 cut paper portraits of Chinese table tennis champions.

A flower paradise in northern Guizhou


There are around 1,500 flower gardens covering 12 hectares built to attract tourists to northern Guizhou.A local worker cuts off the verbena for further processing in Shanping village of Tongzi county in Guizhou province.

In gratitude


It is a cool afternoon in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Gui-zhou province, when Wang Chenghan puts on a traditional Chinese suit and waits to meet an old friend.

Going back to the roots, a lifelong journey


For 67-year-old Yuan Runtu from Xishui county in Guizhou province, searching for his family history is as much fun as it is his duty.

Ancient Joss papermaking in Baishui village


The ancient village Baishui at the foot of Ao Mountain in Guizhou province owes much of its success of one of China’s four great inventions – papermaking.

Where drum towers set life's tempo


Yang Yuanju's family offers ritualistic sacrifices to their ancestors in a 19-story drum tower in the village center on Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve.

Guizhou slashes number of coal mines


Guizhou, one of China's major coal-producing provinces, shut 183 mines last year in a bid to cut obsolete capacity.

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