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Nanning railway bureau adds 15 extra bullet train services during Spring Festival
By Feng Lu ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2015-02-06

Nanning railway bureau will add a total of 15 extra bullet train services during the Spring Festival transportation period, in order to satisfy the extra travel demand. The measure is expected to help the city to transport an average of 15,000 passengers or more every day.

Since Feb 5, the Nanning railway bureau has added four bullet trains from Nanning East Station to Guangzhou South Station and two trains from Liuzhou to Guangzhou. Since Feb 11, eight bullet trains will be added from Nanning to Guilin and one bullet train from Fangchenggang to Nanning.

Twelve new underbodies will successively reach Nanning since Feb 5 and a total of 66 train personnel and security guards have been trained to skillfully operate the equipment and facilities on the bullet trains.

Nanning railway bureau will have a total of 97 bullet trains after the increase. At that time, its bullet trains will amount to 56 percent of all its passenger trains, becoming the main force of Guangxi’s passenger rail transport.

Edited by Jake Hooson

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