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China Motorboat League    2012-05-15

The China-ASEAN Auto Expo will be held in Liuzhou    2011-12-02
The first China-ASEAN Auto, Engineering Machinery and Parts Expo will be held in Liuzhou from Dec 8 to 10.

Guangxi Horticutural Expo Special    2011-11-25

2011 Liuzhou International Water Carnival    2011-09-30
2011 China Liuzhou International Water Carnival is scheduled to take place at Liuzhou City, Guangxi from Oct 1 to 5, 2011; carnival parade will be held then.

Flourishing historical culture of Liuzhou    2011-08-30
The historical culture of Liuzhou city started from as early as when "Liujiang Man" began consciously to build the first piece of tool with stone.

Intangible cultural heritage in Liuzhou    2011-08-30
Liuzhou is a settlement for minorities with long history, strong ethnic style and deep cultural accumulation, giving a large number of cultural heritages.

Future Entertainment Capital of Water Sports    2011-08-25
China's first water sports competition - the motorboat race.

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