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11th Chinese Dong Duoye Festival kicks off    2014-11-20
The 11th Chinese (Liuzhou • Sanjiang) Dong Duoye Festival was held in the Sanjiang Dong autonomous county, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, from Nov 15 to 16.

Liuzhou's Chinese wine culture museum opens    2014-11-18
Liuzhou’s Chinese wine culture museum opened to the public on Nov 9 in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Zhuang people hold bullfight to celebrate harvest    2014-11-18
On Nov 3, people in Xinzhai village, Liuzhou, Guangxi, held a bullfighting activity to celebrate the harvest of autumn grain crops and pray for favorable weather for the crops and another golden harvest the next year.

Liuzhou to hold artistic work biennial exhibition    2014-11-18
Liuzhou will hold the first “Beautiful Liuzhou” Artistic Work Biennial Exhibition from Dec 12-20. It is Guangxi’s first city level competition and will also become Liuzhou’s top competition in literary and art circles.

American Ballet performs in Guangxi    2014-11-12
On Nov 4, the Rocky Mountain Ballet from the American State of Montana came to the remote mountainous area of Rong’an county with performances of their traditional ballet, modern ballet and Montana’s folk dance.

Liuzhou chosen as first station for ‘Guangxi Best Cuisine’    2014-11-06
Liuzhou was chosen as the first station of the “Guangxi Best Cuisine” activity. The launch ceremony of the activity was held in the square of the Liuzhou Cuisine Museum on Oct 23.

Eighth Liuzhou Rare Stone Festival starts    2014-11-03
The eighth Liuzhou Rare Stone Festival was inaugurated in Guangxi Liuzhou Rare Stone Exhibition Hall on Nov 1.

Liuzhou Rongshui holds horse fighting competition    2014-10-31
On Oct 25, Guangxi Rongshui Miao autonomous county held the grand opening of the 14th Rongshui Miao Reed-pipe Wind Instrument and Horse Fighting Festival.

CCTV shoots first episode of ‘From Farm to Dining-table’ in Liuzhou    2014-10-31
Agricultural Broadcast World, a TV program on CCTV 7 started to film the first episode of a series of documentaries named From Farm to Dining-table in Liujiang county, Liuzhou, Guangxi, recently.

Liuzhou launches public benefit photography competition    2014-10-27
Liuzhou’s first public benefit photography competition "Beautiful Liuzhou • My Home" was launched at the Red Star Macalline Mall in Liuzhou on Oct 15.

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