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Liuhou Park and Liuzhou Stone Pavilion shortlisted for China’s most beautiful places    2014-09-12
The second Tourism Integration and Innovation Forum and a press conference for the list of China’s most beautiful places, sponsored by the Xinhua News Agency, will be held in Beijing on Sept 13. Liuhou Park and Liuzhou Stone Pavilion have been shortlisted.

Liuzhou receives 291,000 tourists during Mid-Autumn Festival    2014-09-11
According to Liuzhou’s tourism bureau, Liuzhou received 291,000 tourists during the Mid-Autumn Festival with a year-on-year growth of 13 percent and a total income of 207 million yuan ($33.8 million).

Guangxi’s first dome theater opens in Liuzhou    2014-09-11
Guangxi’s first removable dome theater in Liuzhou Science and Technology Museum had its first run on the evening of Mid-autumn Day (Sept 8) and nearly 700 Liuzhou residents appreciated its charm.

The 2014 Liuzhou International Water Carnival to start during National Day holiday    2014-09-10
The 2014 Liuzhou International Water Carnival will be held from Oct 1 to 5, consisting of 18 events from 10 activities.

Springs in Liuzhou’s countryside    2014-09-09
There are many famous springs in Liuzhou, such as the Mabawen Spring, Wudu Longtan Spring and Baipeng Clock Spring.

Upgraded Liuzhou Military Museum opens to the public    2014-09-05
The Liuzhou Military Museum has finished reconstruction and opened to the public on Sept 3, the national anniversary of China's victory in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.

Liujiang River waterway upgrades to second level    2014-09-05
Workers finished the tail-end work of a 30-meter-long large-scale dredger in the shipyard at Baisha Port on August 31. It is said that this ship will be transferred to Guangxi Waterway Administration for the construction of Liujiang River’s second-class waterway.

Liuzhou has improved its environment    2014-09-03
Recent data showed that Liuzhou's environment has improved a great deal. The air quality of 29 days in July was regarded as very good.

Liuzhou holds dragon boat launching ceremony    2014-09-02
The Liuzhou Dragon Boat Association held a launching ceremony for six dragon boats on Qinshui Wharf on Aug 25 to promote the 2014 Liuzhou International Dragon Boat Race Final.

The 2014 Asian Water Motorboat Open starts in Liuzhou    2014-08-27
The 2014 Asian Water Motorboat Open will start on August 30 at Jinglan Water Sports Base in Liuzhou. Over 70 athletes in 15 teams from domestic regions and foreign countries will attend the competition.

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