Niumendong Neolith Site2013-12-12

Niumendong Neolith Site is located in Huining county, Gansu province, and covers an area of approximately 16 square kilometers. Niumendong village is the center of the site, and includes a burial ground which covers about 400,000 sq m.

Jingyuan Faquan Temple2013-12-11

Faquan Temple, also called Hongshan Shiya Temple, is a national 3A scenic spot, Gansu provincial cultural relic protection unit and provincial forest park.

Huining Red Army Joint Forces Site2013-12-05

Huining Red Army Joint Forces Site is a patriotic education base, national 4A tourist attraction.

Shoulu Mountain2013-12-05

Shoulu Mountain is a national forest park, national 3A tourist attraction.

Tour itineraries2013-12-04

Yellow River Stone Forest(Yellow River Grand Canyon) - Five Buddha irrigation hub – Heishan Gorge – Pingchuan Huangwan date forest – Jingyuan Yellow River Iron Bridge – Baiyin Silong Resort – Pingbao Suspension Bridge – Lesser Three Gorges


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Travel Agencies2013-12-04

Nature Travel Agency  Address: First floor, Guibin Building, Baiyin Hotel, Baiyin city  Tel: 86 133-0943-6979

Special local products and sales centers2013-12-04

Local specialties include handicraft and various delicacies such as: Baiyin copper handicrafts, pottery, landscape embroidery, ostrich egg sculpture art.

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