Gansu intensive agriculture strives for poverty alleviation

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Updated: 2015-12-14

Yuzhong county, Gansu province has promoted intensive agriculture with higher capital and labor in recent years, resulting in growth of farmers' income, according to the local government.

The county's government has supported and funded several local enterprises and agricultural cooperatives to create jobs and help locals eliminate poverty.

So far, in light of local characteristics, Yuzhong has developed cooperatives on medicinal material, animal husbandry and vegetable planting.

Gansu intensive agriculture strives for poverty alleviation

Wei Mingyan (R) places vegetable seedlings in a greenhouse of Haoyumiao Science and Technology Co, a vegetable seeding seller in Yuzhong county, Gansu province on Dec 4. The company, which produces 40-80 million seedlings annually, sells seedlings to local farmers at 20 percent below the market price to create jobs and help low income households grow vegetables. [Photo/]

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