Gansu companies get important AEO designation

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Updated: 2015-01-06

The Customs Office of the city of Lanzhou, Gansu province gave six Gansu companies the ‘authorized economic operator’ (AEO) designation, on Dec 16, at the end of a training session on provincial Customs policies.

AEO is for a company involved in the international movement of goods that has gained national Customs Administration approval for being in compliance with WCO ( World Customs Organization) or equivalent supply chain standards.

The six companies include the Jinchuan Co and Jiuquan Dunhuang Seed Co, which will get priority in clearing any Customs Office that recognizes the AEO, which suggests that they are trusted operators so they need fewer, or no, inspections on imports or exports. The AEO designation brings a lot of benefits in exporting goods, for example, quicker handling and lower transport costs.

By Li Xiaoxu and edited by Roger Bradshaw

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