Science and technology of Baiyin city

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Updated: 2013-12-16

Baiyin is becoming increasingly known for its achievements in science and technology, and the city is focused on industrial transformation and upgrading and the promotion of scientific and technological innovation.

It has established scientific partnerships with more than 210 research institutions and universities, implemented more than 260 technological cooperation projects, and achieved over 80 breakthroughs in scientific innovation.

The contribution made by science and technology accounts for 45 percent of economic growth in the city. Baiyin cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to build the Baiyin High-tech Industrial Development Zone, one of the country’s 98 national high-tech zones, as well as the national circulating transformation demonstrative pilot zone.

Baiyin is also a demonstration city for industrial research and cooperation at the provincial level and was named a “national advanced city for scientific and technological progress” .

It is one of Gansu province’s cities with the greatest potential for development. The city center, which is near Lanzhou, is 50 km away from Zhongchuan Airport. It also boasts a modern transportation system.

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